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Real Haunted Places in Kansas That Will Have You Believing in Ghosts

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Do you believe in ghosts? Whether or not you're a true believer, there's no denying that Kansas is home to some really scary haunted places, that will make even the biggest of skeptics think twice about the existence of ghosts. Across the state, there are all sorts of buildings, parks, and unique places with a haunted history that's sure to unnerve even the bravest of folks, and turn the unsure into true believers.

If you're not convinced that ther's ghosts among us, or you're on the fence, then you'll definitely want to check out these iconic Kansas real haunts, which are known for their legit paranormal activity:

  • The Sallie House - Atchison, KS - Considered by many to be the most haunted house in the state, The Sallie House is notorious across Kansas for its paranormal activity. The house was inhabited by a doctor and his family in the 1800s, who ran the family practice out of the first floor of the home. Why is it called The Sallie House? Not because that was the family name, no, but because of one of the doctor's most infamous patients, who is believed to still haunt the home to this day. A young girl named Sallie came to see the good doctor with a stomach ache, and the six year old was promptly diagnosed with acute appendicitis, and she needed to be operated on immediately.

    Despite the good doc's efforts, the little girl didn't make make it, and her ghost haunts the house to this day. The "operating room" has been said to go cold seemingly out of nowhere, fires have been said to break out in the house, and a couple that lived their in the 90s were featured on numerous television programs after experiencing some terrifying paranormal activity first hand.

  • Kansas State University - Manhattan, KS - Established in 1863, Kansas State University is one of the oldest universities in the state, and it boasts over 150 years of haunted history. The university is quite large, with a student body of close to 25,000 in attendance, and as you might imagine, such a large school with such a long, rich history has a variety of sites across campus that are believed to be really haunted.

    One of the most famous hanted places on the KSU Campus is the school's Purple Masque Theater, which is said to be haunted by a football player named Nick who was fatally injured during a game, and his footsteps can be heard throughout  the theater. He's also been said to cause a variety of (mostly) harmless mischief, including rearranging chairs, spilling paint, setting off fire extinguishers and alarms, playing music loudly at night, and other small ghostly "pranks" that are common with cranky, trapped spirits.

    There's also two frat houses on campus that are believed to be haunted - Delta Sigma Phi and Pi Kappa Phi, and the ghosts at both fraternities are definitely not pleased. The Delta Sigma Pi House used to be a hospital, and is believed to be haunted by the last patient that died there, George, as well as a nurse who continues her rounds in the hospital in the afterlife. The Pi Kappa Phi House, an angry pledge named Duncan is said to still haunt and taunt new frat recruits to this day.

  • The Sauer Castle - Kansas City, KS - Located in the heart of Kansas City, The Sauer Castle is a German gothic-style castle built in the mid-1800s by Anton Philip Sauer, who lived there with his five daughters after the passing of his wife in 1868. He soon remarried a local widow, however he too passed away in 1879, and the Sauer family continued to live on in the castle until the mid-1980s.

    There have been a variety of haunted happenings reported at the Sauer Castle, however, the most well known, and spooky are the reported sightings of apparitions appearing in the castle's iconic clock tower, including figures of a woman, and a young boy in the tower, as well as the large, eerie windows that flank the outside walls of the castle. There have also been reports of lights being seen in the tower, despite the castle remaining uninhabited for many years now.

  • The Hutchinson Public Library - Hutchinson, KS - There's more than just books contained within the walls of the Hutchinson Public Library - there's a haunted history that's eerie enough to spook even the bravest of library-goers. The library, which opened its doors over 110 years ago in 1901, is believed to be haunted by none other than a former librarian, Ida Day, who was well-known in the community for taking her duties as the town's librarian very seriously, and for her stoic demeanor.

    According to reports by local residents, Ms. Day can be spotted sorting through books, and putting them away, and is often seen in the southwest corner of the library's basement. Luckily, this ghost doesn't seem to be harmful, she just decided to keep on doing her job at the library from beyond the grave. Now that's dedication.

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